Our Home Growth Groups are an important part of connecting at Friends Church.  The reality is, if you don’t make friends at Friends Church you probably are not going to be at Friends Church very long.  We were not created to be alone but for fellowship with God and one another.  Being a part of this community is getting to know one another and encouraging each other to grow in their relationship with Jesus – through learning and serving together. We challenge you to invest yourself in others by getting involved in one of our small groups.  We have a variety of groups that meet at different times and locations.  Click one of the home groups below to sign up or to ask one of our leaders a question.  We promise someone will respond as quickly as possible.  For more information about our Home Growth Groups, contact Pastor Rich Bennett at pastorrich@noefc.org or by calling the church office at 440-779-9484.
Leader: Dave & Cindy Millen
Email: djm449@msn.com
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Leader: Steve & Brenda Kobelka
Email: knightstar929@hotmail.com
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Leader: Dave & Karen Swartz
Email: daveswartz@windstream.net
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North Olmsted
Leaders: Phil & Phaidra Cox
Email: phillipecox@gmail.com
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North Ridgeville 1
Leader: Geoff & Mary Schultz
Email: pastorgeoff@noefc.org
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North Ridgeville 2
Leader: Keith & Amanda Stefano
Email: mspeck48@gmail.com
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Olmsted Falls 1
Leaders: Gary & Nancy Franklin
Email: garyfranklin40@att.net
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Olmsted Falls 2
Leader: Chris & Marla Holmes
Email: chefmarla@sbcglobal.net
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Olmsted Falls 3
Leaders: Louie & Sharon Broschk
Email: lbroschk84@hotmail.com
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Rocky River
Leaders: Tedd & Laura Schroth
Email: lauraschroth@gmail.com
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Leaders: Nancy Wyder
Email: nwyder@att.net
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