PARTICIPATING // Worship is made for participation, for being actively shared. It isn’t a performance. Worship has no power for the spectator until he or she takes action. Every Sunday we want worship to enable active participation.
COMING TOGETHER // Sharing our diverse experiences, passions, and inspirations to ever increase our understanding of God and of His body the Church. of God and of His body the Church. Every Sunday we want worship that comes from different people coming together.
INVITING // We are always welcomed by God when we worship Him and we cannot fully worship Him until we welcome others to do the same. Every Sunday we want worship to be inviting to all.
RESPONDING // When our worship is done, the only evidence of it that remains is the effect it has had on us.  A change in our hearts and actions is the evidence of true worship. Every Sunday we want worship that demands a response that makes us more like Christ.

We invite you to join us for worship on Sundays at 9:15 am or 11:00 am.


WORSHIP TEAMS // Our worship teams lead our congregation in songs of praise and worship to our awesome God through a variety of genres (contemporary, gospel, traditional). 
PRAISE CHOIR // Our praise choir helps lead with our worship teams every a few times a year, especially during our Easter & Christmas seasons. 
AUDIO/VISUAL TEAMS // Our A/V teams help create an atmosphere of worship during our services through sound, lighting, and video components. Responsibilities include assisting our A/V coordinator during Sunday services or special events. 
PRAISE DANCE TEAM // Our praise dance team expresses their worship through different forms of dance and other choreographed movement to music. They perform throughout the year, especially in special services. If interested, connect with Angeline Labrado.
INSTRUMENTAL & SPECIAL MUSIC // There are multiple opportunities to serve by providing music during offertory, as well as joining our seasonal orchestra or other instrumental ensembles.
DRAMA TEAMS // We are looking for individuals who are interested in being a part of skits, dramatic readings, or plays/musicals during the year.