How many people attend each Sunday? We generally average around 500 people on Sunday mornings.
What would I expect if I attended? First, pardon our dust. We are undergoing construction, which will help us improve our ability to reach out to the community around us. To check out our current parking/entry situation, click here.  Feel free to stop by our Welcome Center (currently in our north hallway) to pick up a gift we have for you and to answer any questions you might have about our church.
How long will the service last?
Worship services usually last about 60-70 minutes. We provide two different service styles at 9:15 am (AWAKEN) & 11:00 am (THRIVE). For more details about these services, click here.
What should I wear?
We encourage you to be yourself.  We have some who feel more comfortable dressed up and we have others who take a more relaxed approach.
I have been attending Friends and I like the church.  What do I do next?
Attend an Event.  These groups are designed to help people connect to others who are experiencing some of the same situations in life.  This is done primarily through fun, no-pressure social events scheduled throughout the year.
Attend our Welcome to Friends Class.  We offer this one-day (4 hours) class several times a year that takes a more in-depth look at who we are as a church.  Our history and doctrine will be discussed as well as understanding each individual’s role in accomplishing the vision of Friends.  Everyone has a gift and can contribute to our ministry!  This class is a prerequisite for church membership.
Attend an Adult Discipleship Class.  A variety of classes are offered on Sunday mornings during both the 9:15 and 11:00 am services, as well as on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm.
Join a Home Growth Group.  These small groups are designed to be a small church in a larger church.  This provides a rich opportunity for fellowship and ministry while growing.  They meet in homes all throughout the area on a variety of nights.
How do I find out what is going on?
A number of ways – this website (especially the calendar), our Friends Forecast and our weekly bulletin, or you can call (440.779.9484) or email the church office at Also, make sure like us on Facebook to see even more of what’s going on.
Do I have to be a member to participate?
You can participate in most activities without being a member; however, background checks are required for working in our Children or Youth Discipleship Ministries.
Who are the “Friends?”
The Religious Society of Friends (commonly known as Quakers) began in England by George Fox in the 17th century by people who were dissatisfied with the existing denominations and sects of Christianity.  For more information on our history, you are invited to attend our Welcome to Friends Class (4 hours) which is offered 3-4 times a year.
How often do you serve communion? We generally celebrate communion or “The Lord’s Supper” as a special time of worship approximately three or four times a year.
How do I become a member at Friends? Formal membership at NOEFC is an important step of commitment, one that we take very seriously as members help lead the church in setting ministry priorities.  The steps to membership include: – Know Jesus Christ as one’s personal Savior as revealed in the Bible. – Attend the Welcome to Friends class  and be familiar with the Evangelical Friends Church’s Faith and Practice. – Meet with the Overseers Committee.
– Commit to partner with the church using one’s time, talents, and treasure.