MONDAYS   |   6:30 PM   |   NOEFC UPPER ROOM   |   AGES 18-28

You are a part of a generation that is yearning for genuine connection; for authenticity. You are tired of the corruption and mistakes of generations past that have so deeply impacted your present and future. You are not content to just accept things at face value, or the beliefs of those who came before you as your own. You don’t want a label, you want an identity. You’re looking for something real. You want to see change. You want to be change.
God’s Word is sovereign, and the ancient paths have been tried and tested and proven again and again. It is the strongest foundation we can stand on, and the most complete description of our identity as created beings designed by a loving Creator. If you are seeking change, it will change you if you let it, and teach you how to change this world.
As a young adult, you are invited to be a part of this new community. We want to meet you at the crossroads you’re at in life, and walk with you; to help you genuinely connect and grow with others; to encourage you as you seek foundation, change, and identity in Christ; to support you in becoming the best version of yourself, as God created you to be. Will you let us walk with you?
-Pastor Adam Falkenstein