PLEASE NOTE: Due to some of the physical nature and elements of the X3 VBS experience,
this event is only available to kids who have completed Kindergarten – 6th Grade.
X3 was conceived in 2019 by Pastor Adam Falkenstein as a new way of viewing the VBS
experience. Instead of the traditional 5-day VBS, X3 is the “Extreme 3” days where kids can
come and experience 3 separate, intense, and exciting activity days where we will connect
with them not only physically, but spiritually as well.

The message of the original X3 was that through 3 days and 3 nails the 3 Persons of God
cleaned up the mess that is our sin so that we may be filled with His Holy Spirit, equipped to
face the world, and restored back to Him in perfect love.

This year, we take X3 to a new level with our theme, “Black & White”, where we will talk
about the darkness of sin, the light of the world, and seek to answer the question, “How are
we called to live in this gray area between Eden and Eternity?”
This year, we are privileged to offer the X3 experience at both our North Olmsted campus as
well as our newly founded Elyria Campus. Please click the links below to sign up for your
respective locations/dates accordingly.
Tuesday, June 20 – Thursday, June 22 | 9 am – 12 pm | Doors open at 9 AM daily
Elyria Friends Church
9300 W Ridge Rd, Elyria, OH 44035
If your child has an allergy to any food or substance, please click the link below to fill out the
appropriate form.
Also, we understand that our snacks may not meet the individual needs or desires you have
laid out for your child. Should you wish for your child to have an alternative snack, we ask
that you bring it for them with their name clearly marked on the outside of the package and
leave it with our kitchen staff. We care about your kids and their needs, and appreciate your
help in meeting those needs during this week!
Day 1 – Darkness and the Garden of Eden

Come experience a day of glow-in-the dark fun, complete with black lights, laser tag, glow paint, and more! Kids will learn of how darkness entered the world, and the ways in which it affects and infects everything.

*It is recommended your child wear a plain white t-shirt this day or clothing that will not otherwise be missed if ruined. Part of the day will involve neon paint and markers.
Day 2 – The Light of Eternity

A day full of obstacle courses and challenges designed to test your physical strength. Kids will learn of the hope we have of Heaven, and the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.
*Please be mindful of your child’s physical limitations, and/or if your child has a medical condition that otherwise prohibits them from strenuous exercise. Various activities and challenges will require intense cardio/muscular movement.
Day 3 – Living in Between

Can your team escape before time runs out? Join us for a day of challenges designed to test your mind and spirit. Kids will learn how Heaven is a gift, but not the goal, of a Christian. Christ rescues us from sin, but that is just the beginning! Today’s focus will be on the call of all Christians to live in the gray area between Eden and Eternity, and represent Christ well!
Life is full of extremes: Extreme happiness, extreme sadness, extreme change, extreme
situations, extreme risks, extreme fun! As Christians, we are called to live a life that is
extremely passionate in our relationship with Jesus. X3 is all about taking our relationship with
Christ to the next level, using fun and exciting activity days to focus in on key areas of our