Meal Train
Our purpose is to deliver care and compassion through the simple act of providing a meal for our NOEFC families going through challenging times and times of transition such as a new baby, sickness, hospitalization or loss of a loved one.
Contact: Gloria Graffis
We Care
We are a group of caring people who desire to extend God’s love to folks who are affected by an accident, serious illness, dementia or extended suffering. We make and distribute a variety of lovingly made “comfort” items.
Contact: Gloria Graffis
Prodigal Parent
Join other parents and grandparents as they come together to study and pray for their loved ones that have walked away from faith.
Click HERE for more information.
Contact: Pastor Rich Bennett
Adults Caring for Adults
Caregivers of adults will find encouragement through Scripture, Christian fellowship, and caregiving resources. 
Contact: Pastor Rich Bennett


Grief to Joy
Group meets Mondays @ 7 pm, North Olmsted Campus Conference Room
Grief to Joy extends an open hand to those moving through grief of any kind. There is deep healing power in a community that can grieve together and we encourage you to experience healing here.  
Contact: David Marella
Pure Victory
Group meets Thursdays @ 7 pm, North Olmsted Campus Classroom 2
Pure Victory is a confidential support group for men who are seeking to find freedom from sin that entangles. Our group is based on the 12-step Power to Choose by Mike O’Neil. 
Contact: Pastor Rich Bennett
Mental health is vital in our walk with Christ. Please reach out if you’re needing a confidential, non-judgmental space to talk and seek help. 
In-Person Counseling
Contact: Julie Reed
Virtual Counseling
Contact: Marsha Snavely
Holistic Wellness Group
Managing anxiety and depression in a healthy way.
Click HERE for more information. 
Contact: Julie Reed


These resources are not connected with North Olmsted Evangelical Friends Church but are available to the public for further help and support. 
Mental Health CareLine
Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
All calls are confidential
Staying Connected
Check-in service
Cuyahoga County 
Pet Food Pantry
The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Food Assistance
Meals for kids 18 and under
The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Rey’a Legal Services